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Why SASSA Declined



Why Sassa Declined

SASSA is helping many South African citizens financially by providing them with grants, but it is not for all citizens. So after grant applications are submitted SASSA verifies all applications and based on the verification results it approves or declines a SASSA grant application. So today we are going to explore the reasons why a SASSA application gets declined and its possible solution so a citizen who relies on an SASSA grant to fulfill his needs do not go through a hard time.

Why Does SASSA Declines Grants or Applications?

Why Sassa Declined

The application process for SASSA grants is not rocket science all you need to do is enter your accurate information along with the required documents and you are good to go. The real struggle starts when SASSA puts a declined status on your application or cancels your grant. So in such a situation instead of panicking, you should try to resolve the issue to receive the grant.

Not many applicants know why and when SASSA declines the grant application this is we are here today. Let’s learn the reason for grant cancellation and its solution with us.

Reasons for SASSA Grant Rejection

SASSA is a social welfare fund that helps many South African citizens and shares their financial burden but applying for an SASSA grant does not guarantee application approval. Many applications are rejected during the verification and screening process.

I am sharing all the possible reasons that can lead to the rejection of your SASSA grant application. So read them carefully and thoroughly so you don’t make a mistake while submitting your grant application.

Incomplete Application or Inaccurate Information

The most common reason behind SASSA grant application rejection is either the applicant has added inaccurate information or his application is incomplete. SASSA rejects all such applications this is why it is necessary to fill out the application carefully and ensure you have filled in all the required fields before submitting your application. This seems like a small mistake but it can lead to major payment difficulties.

But you can avoid this situation. Do you want to know how? The simplest way is to double-check all the information and documents once before submitting. Correct the mistake if you find any in your application during review and attach the missing document if you have skipped any by mistake.


Another reason based on which SASSA declines applications is that the applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria. Therefore, it is necessary to read the eligibility criteria of the grant you are applying for because if you are not eligible for the grant you won’t get it as SASSA is quite strict about grant eligibility criteria.

Also, the applicant should fulfill all the eligibility clauses, failing to meet any criteria your application will get rejected right away. So apply for only those grants for which you are eligible.

Bank Details

Recently I faced a delay in my grant payment because there were some issues with my banking details. When I inquired about it I got to know my account is not active which is why my application was declined. However, I corrected it later but keep in mind even a small mistake can lead to payment failures.

So according to my personal experience, I would advise you all to keep your bank details updated and provide them with details if you have changed any information. If you still face any issue consult your bank and resolve it so you don’t face any payment delays.

Alternative Income Source

SASSA only provides funds to those who are in dire need of money and can even fulfill their basic needs or are unemployed. So if during the verification process, SASSA finds out your alternative income sources which you have not mentioned in your application then SASSA will decline your application. This is why you should mention everything honestly on your application form.

Moreover, SASSA has access to the banking details and income flow of the applicant so anyone who has alternative income sources and receives the payment in their bank account then SASSA will not proceed with that application. The SASSA grants are only for vulnerable families and individuals facing financial issues.

Duplicate SASSA Grant Application

Everyone should submit a single application for any SASSA grant because submitting more than one application won’t get you a grant earlier. Furthermore, SASSA declines the application that has been submitted more than once against the same grant. If the applicant is already receiving a grant, SASSA will decline their application for another grant no matter what.

Financial Aid Programs

SASSA declines all those applications who are already receiving funds from any financial aid program like Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS), etc. Even if you don’t mention it in your application SASSA will find out about it during the verification process and your application will be rejected. Furthermore, the details on your application should match the government agencies to clear the verification phase and receive the SASSA grant.

Age Factor

As I have discussed earlier SASSA is very strict about the eligibility criteria. So just like income eligibility, there are other factors too that make someone eligible for the SASSA grant. One of them is the age of the applicant.

SASSA offers multiple grants but the age factor for all of them is the same i-e., 18 to 60 years. So only those citizens can apply for SASSA grant who are not younger than 18 years and older than 60 years. The age of all applicants should be in this range, anyone whose age doesn’t match this age range won’t receive the grant and SASSA declines all underage and overage grant applications.

Involvement in Fraudulent Activities

All SASSA applications go through a long verification process because SASSA verifies all the information and details mentioned in the application. So if during evaluation SASSA finds out any criminal or fraudulent activity complaint registered against the applicant, his/her grant application will be declined and he will never receive the grant amount. If there are no such records or complaints registered against your name then you don’t have to word about it.

Failed Identify Verification

Any applicant whose application comes out to have wrong or inaccurate information will fail to pass the verification phase. Many times it happens by mistake that applicants misspell their names even the omission of a single letter can lead to application rejection. Therefore, it is necessary to fill out the application form accurately and there should be no spelling mistakes because SASSA doesn’t know you misspelled something by mistake. It only clears an application whose information is an exact match of the information stored in the government record.

What to Do If SASSA Declines an Application?

There is no need to be disheartened by the news that SASSA has declined your grant application, unless and until it is rejected based on incorrect information or missing document. Do you know why? Because you can correct the errors in your previous application and attach the required documents with your application and resubmit it to the SASSA office.

However, resubmission does not guarantee approval but it does increase your chances of approval as you have now provided all the details accurately. You can resubmit your grant application by requesting reconsideration or submitting an appeal against the initial decision of your grant application.

How do I fix my declined SASSA?

If your SASSA application has been declined then you can submit an appeal in the department or request reconsideration. As soon as your request is approved you can resubmit your grant application by filling in accurate information and attaching all the necessary documents with it.

Why did SASSA decline me?

SASSA never declines applications without any invalid reason. The main reasons that lead to application rejection could be the applicant’s ineligibility for the grant, other income sources, inaccurate information, etc.

How do I check if my SASSA was approved?

To check your application status all you have to do is log in to the portal of SASSA and enter your credentials or visit the official website of SASSA to know the status of your application.

How do I appeal to SASSA online?

If your SASSA grant application is rejected then you can submit an appeal online by visiting the official website of SASSA. Look for the “lodge an appeal” option on the interface. Proceed with the appeal application by entering your ID number, contact number, and PIN you received via SMS. Then select the month against which you are submitting an appeal application and press enter or click on the submit button. That’s it.

Many South African citizens rely on government funds to fulfill their basic needs and in such time getting to know that their grant application is declined is no less than a shock. This is why we have mentioned all the reasons why SASSA declines an application in this guide. Read it thoroughly so you don’t make any mistakes while submitting your application and save your application from getting declined.

I am sure now you must be aware of all the reasons that can lead to the rejection of the SASSA application and how to fix these issues, don’t you? I hope you find this content helpful. Thank you for your time.

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