SASSA Cards Stolen During Break-in at Mams Home

Discover the unsettling break-in at a Mamelodi old aged home. Thirteen SASSA cards, groceries stolen. Police investigate. Community on edge.

In a disturbing incident, the Mamelodi old aged home fell victim to a break-in, leaving the community shocked and concerned for the safety of its elderly residents. The police are currently conducting an investigation into the matter, which involves the theft of 13 Sassa cards, groceries, and an undisclosed amount of money.

The Break-In

The incident came to light when a staffer at the old aged home reported the break-in to the police on Tuesday morning. According to Warrant Officer Johan van Dyk, the complainant stated that everything was in order when she left work on Monday. However, upon her return the next day, she discovered pieces of the ceiling scattered on the floor.

Upon closer inspection, the staff member found that groceries were missing, and a drawer containing the residents' SASSA cards had been opened, with several cards missing. The breach raised concerns about the.......