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Grant-In-Aid Application



Grant in Aid

SASSA provides financial assistance to those South African people who cannot take care of themselves on their own due to any physical or mental disability. Those disabled persons who are looking to take help from someone else to take care of them and want to hire them can now hire them as a full-time caretaker. The aid is called Grant-In-Aid from SASSA and is provided to those who are really in need of getting the grant.

Let’s look at the details below that tell you everything about the grant-in-aid SASSA grant. The guide tells about whom the grant is given, what the eligibility criteria are, and how you can apply for it. Read carefully so you do not miss anything important.

Grant-in-aid is the financial assistance provided to those who cannot take care of themselves. With this financial help, they can hire someone else to take care of them throughout the day and night. Well, at first, we will start with the eligibility criteria of grant an aid grant from SASSA and then will look at the in-depth details relevant to the grant.

Eligibility Criteria

Grant in Aid

You need to make sure that you are fulfilling particular requirements to get qualified for grant in-aid support from SASSA. If you think that you are eligible for getting the grant, then you can apply for the grant to get the help of R 460 per month. What you have to make sure of before applying for a grant is,

  • Ensure that you are a permanent citizen of South Africa.
  • You should have an ID card from South Africa with you.
  • If you are not a permanent citizen or resident of South Africa, then you must be a refugee. Otherwise, you cannot get the grant.
  • The age of the applicant should be no below 18 years.
  • There should be some medical record or some valid reason that will work as proof for you that you have a certain permanent condition due to which you cannot take care of yourself on your own.
  • You should meet the means test requirement to be eligible for getting the grant.
  • You should not be receiving any type of care or aid from any other institute.

How To Apply For A Grant-in-aid From SASSA?

There are two valid ways of applying for a grant-in-aid from SASSA.

  • Online
  • Via visiting their office


  • To apply online, you have to visit their official website by clicking on, [email protected].
  • Now register yourself as a new user first, in case you do not have the account previously.
  • You can register by clicking on the “Register” button that is mentioned in the yellow color on the home page of the SASSA website.
  • They will ask you to provide the personal information.
  • The personal details they will ask for include your citizenship, ID number, ID document type, surname, full name, email address, password, confirmation of the password, and cell phone number.
  • Now click on the button to get your OTP.
  • They will send the OTP to your mobile phone number via which you are applying.
  • Now enter the OTP to confirm the registration and log into the SASSA’s official website. This is how you can register as a new user.
  • Now that you have logged into your account, you can click on the “apply for a grant button” and select the type of grant that you want to get.
  • Click on “grant-in-aid.”
  • Fill in the application form and make sure that you have provided the correct information.
  • Now click on submit and wait until you get a response.
  • Make sure to upload all the documents with your application form.
  • All of these certificates should be in PDF format.

Documents You Have to Submit With the Application

Since you are applying for a grant-in-aid, the following is the list of documents that you need to upload with your application.

  • ID document
  • Medical report telling about the disability status

Via Visiting The Office

  • Find out the nearest SASSA office close to you.
  • Ask for the application form and make sure to fill it out correctly.
  • It should be completed in front of a SASSA officer. You can ask for help from the official SASSA officer there if you have not understood any point.
  • SASSA officers will help you in fulfilling the application form correctly.
  • In case you cannot visit the SASSA office on your own, you can simply send a friend or a family member to the office with your power of attorney.
  • That person should be the person that you trust the most because he is the one who can receive your social grant on your behalf.
  • Now attach a valid medical report and other necessary documents with the application and hand it over to the officer.
  • The officer will take your interview and will also take your fingerprints.
  • After submitting the application form and necessary documents, the SASSA officer will give you a stamped receipt with the date written on it. The date on the receipt is the one on which you applied.
  • It is free of cost application procedure, and you don’t have to give any money to the officer.

Procedure Of Application Verification

Applications are generally assessed within 3 months, but the applications for grant-in-aid are assessed within 30 working days. After this verification time, you will be informed whether your application is accepted or has been rejected. You will get the response in written form.

In case the application is approved, you will be informed about the time when you will receive the grant. On the other hand, if your application is rejected, you will be provided with the reason for your rejection. You also have the chance to request SASSA to check your application in case it is rejected.

How Will You Receive The Grant If Your Application Is Accepted?

When your grant is approved, you will receive the grant money on the exact date you have applied. There are three ways from which you can choose how you want to receive the grant money. This includes,

  • Getting the grant money directly into the bank account
  • Collecting the grant money in the form of cash from official pay points
  • Or get the grant money from specific institutions that are chosen by SASSA

Moreover, you have to make sure that you need to complete the consent form and provide certain documents if you select the payment method via your bank account. The documents that you have to provide with your consent form include ID proof, proof of bank account that the account is in your name, and 3 months bank statement. Moreover, in case there are any changes in the payment methods from your side, and you have to switch the payment method, you have to inform SASSA, and you can do this by visiting their welfare office near you.

What Is Grant-in-aid Suspension?

There are chances that your grant-in-aid may be suspended. And the underlying causes of the suspension of your grant-in-aid grant from SASSA include a change in the applicant’s circumstances and financial or medical improvement. Moreover, the grant-in-aid can also be suspended if you have provided incorrect and fake information in your application or in case you have not cooperated with the officials when the grant was reviewed.

Furthermore, in case the grant was approved mistakenly when it should not be, there is a high chance that it will be suspended on its own. If your grant suspends, there is no need to worry. You can also apply again for the grant restoration within 3 months of the suspension.

What Are The Reasons For The Grant-in-aid Lapse?

The grant-in-aid may lapse due to any of the following mentioned reasons.

  • In case the grant holder has died or if he is admitted to the hospital or a state-funded institution.
  • It can lapse if the grant holder is no longer receiving 24/7 care from someone else.
  • Lastly, in case the grant holder has not claimed the grant for consecutively 3 months, his grant will lapse.

What Are The Responsibilities Of The Grant Holder Who Is Getting Financial Help From SASSA?

As a grant holder, you have certain responsibilities. You have to make sure that you are keeping the officials updated with all the changes in your personal and financial situations. You have to make sure to inform SASSA in case your address, contact details, or bank account information changes.

Avoid any fraudulent activities, as strict actions are taken against those who perform fraudulent activities. You can contact SASSA directly by calling on 0800 601011. Or you can also visit their official offices, which are spread throughout the country, and can also email them at their head office at, [email protected].

When will the grant-in-aid not be paid?

It will automatically be canceled if you are no longer in need of care from another person. It will be canceled if you die or if you are admitted to the hospital. The grant-in-aid will automatically be canceled if your income and assets improve and you no longer meet the requirement of the means test.

What are the requirements to qualify for a grant-in-aid from SASSA?

The applicant should be above the age of 18 years. He should not be able to take care of himself and should have some physical or mental illness that will work as proof that he needs someone else to take help 24/7. Moreover, he should be a permanent citizen of South Africa and should meet the requirements of the means test to qualify for a grant.

What types of grants are offered by the South African Social Security Agency SASSA?

SASSA offers lots of grants so that those who are in need can get the grant to fulfill their basic needs and earn a living. The types of grants include older person grants, disability grants, war veteran grants, care dependency grants, foster child grants, child support grants, and grant-in-aid. You can look for the details of each grant online and can select the one that you think will be suitable for you according to your need.

This above-mentioned article tells you about what a grant-in-aid is from the South Africa Social Security Agency SASSA and what is its eligibility criteria. It tells you how you can apply for the grant and what benefits you can take if you get approved. There are two ways of applying and three ways of receiving that grant.

All of these are mentioned above. The article also tells you about the contact details so in case of questions and queries and problems you can contact the officials easily. Make sure to read the article with all of your attention so you do not miss any important information about grant-in-aid; in case you need it or someone you know needs to apply for a grant-in-aid from SASSA, you can provide them with the correct information.

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