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Can I Collect My R350 Grant at Shoprite



Can I Collect My R350 Grant at Shoprite

SASSA supports millions of South African citizens financially by providing them with R350 grants each month. As the number is huge, beneficiaries have to go through a lot of struggle to receive their grant. But not anymore because now you can collect the R350 grant at Shoprite.

If you also want to get rid of long queues struggle, then this article is for you. Read ahead to learn more about this SASSA grant payment method.

What is Shoprite?

Can I Collect My R350 Grant at Shoprite

Shoprite is a retail store and has over 3000 stores all over the country so to make payment collection convenient for the beneficiaries SASSA added Shoprite to grant payment method. So say goodbye to the tiring and never-ending long queues of SASSA grant collection methods like me and switch to Shoprite and collect your grant effortlessly.

Now you know you can collect an R350 grant at Shoprite. So, let’s dig in more and learn how to switch to Shoprite and collect your grant from a retail shop.

How to Switch to Shoprite for R350 Grant?

After getting to know about this convenient SASSA grant payment method, many of you must have decided to switch the payment method to Shoprite. The moment I got to know about this amazing opportunity, I didn’t waste a second and got things ready to switch to Shoprite. So if you are interested in switching to Shoprite, then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • First of all, interested beneficiaries should register themselves for a Shoprite money account. You can do it by dialing the helpline number *120*3534#, Whatsapp at 087 240 5709, visiting a nearby Shoprite store, or downloading the Shoprite app.
  • Sign in to your Shoprite account and download your Bank Confirmation Letter.
  • After that, get the SASSA consent form directly from the app or collect it by visiting any Shoprite or Checkers supermarket.
  • Now complete the SASSA switch form, take a print of the Bank Confirmation Letter, and visit the nearest SASSA office. Don’t forget to take your original ID with you before paying a visit.

Shoprite Money Account: Is it Worth it?

Are you still not convinced whether you should switch to Shoprite or not? If so, then here are a few benefits of the Shoprite money account that will help you in making a wise decision.

  • Every bank account charges fee from the users for transactional services but what makes Shoprite better than other accounts is that it has the lowest transactional cost. Don’t you want to save more?
  • Moreover, the Shoprite money account is free and has no monthly charges, unlike other grant payment accounts. However, grant beneficiaries have to pay R5 while withdrawing money from a Shoprite account.
  • Another benefit that grants beneficiaries enjoy with the Shoprite account is that they won’t pay any fee when sending money, purchasing airtime, paying for data, electricity, grocery bills, etc. if they use the Shoprite account from their mobile to pay for all the above-mentioned things.
  • Shoprite also offers their R100 vouchers to beneficiaries when they receive the first R800 or more from SASSA in their Shoprite account.
  • Retail shops are far more convenient than post office branches as there are over 25,000 points where beneficiaries can collect their grant. So ditch the long Post Office queues and ease your life with Shoprite.

Shoprite Money Account Charges

A major concern of many beneficiaries is the extra charges they have to pay to receive the grant which is why many beneficiaries still use traditional payment methods to save a few pennies. But Shoprite has good news for SASSA grant beneficiaries and the good news is that if any beneficiary wants to open a Shoprite money account the retailer won’t charge them any fee. Isn’t it amazing that you can open an account by paying any South African Rand and use it for free without any monthly charges?

The only free Shoprite will take from the beneficiaries is the one when they withdraw money from the Shoprite account. Other than that Shoprite offers amazing deals and vouchers to keep the users pleased from them.

Which stores can I withdraw R350 from?

R350 grant beneficiaries can withdraw the grant money from various retail shops like Checkers, Shoprite, USave, etc.

Can I withdraw SASSA at Shoprite?

Yes, as Shoprite is an official SASSA payment source method so beneficiaries can use its services to withdraw SASSA grants.

Can I collect my R350 at Shoprite without an ID?

No, ID is your proof of identification that you are the SASSA beneficiary, so if you don’t bring your ID with you you won’t be allowed to collect R350 from Shoprite.

Shoprite is no less than a blessing for all SASSA beneficiaries who are tired of long queues at the Post Office to receive the grant. You can use Shoprite services and make your life easy we have explained everything about the R350 grant collection at Shoprite. I hope all your doubts are clear now.

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